Build The MOST Important Relationship

The most influential teachers I have had do not try to profit from me. They do not tell me I need to do something, nor do they tell me I need their teachings. The most influential teachers I have every met show me how to trust myself, they empower me, and they show me what is possible if I choose the path of understanding knowledge that they understand. They teach me by being themselves and trusting themselves.

Some of us, somewhere along the line lost trust in ourselves. This could be due to decisions to take a path that causes pain or is out of line with who we are. We push through and block the internal voice that gives us direction because we are promised a reward or better way of life such as a well-paying job. It could also be due to someone else telling us what path to take, eventually drowning out our own inner voice and showing us a fancy results. It could be from someone trying to profit such as a professional stating you need their services, or a lifetime of suppressing your inner voice and consistently looking for the validation of others for path guidance.

Regardless of the reason, building the relationship and building trust with our own inner wisdom is the most effective way to live in alignment with our ethics, morals, values, and purpose.

Where to start? 

Here is how:

Think about how you build trust with anyone.

1. Be honest. If you feel or think a certain way, instead of talking yourself out of it, acknowledge it.

2. If you say you are going to do it, do it. If you say you are going to leave work on time or take breaks, do. If you cannot follow through with commitments to yourself, consider making more realistic commitments and stick to them. 

3. Meet your real needs. When you feel tired, rest. When you feel hunger, eat. When you feel like you need space, take it. When you feel like giving, give. When we honour our feelings and allow the inner voice to speak, we build trust. 

4. Be compassionate and caring toward yourself, like you would a young child. There is no reason to bypass feelings or blame yourself for things. You are doing the best you can and in order to grow, we need to use compassion and caring toward ourselves as we evolve through hard times. 

If you are finding these strategies impossible, consider why. What thought have you been told/ are you telling yourself? In what ways would listening to yourself cause your life to change?

Modern Western culture doesn't advertise the rewards of following your heart, but many cultures do. Contemplate your path and the rewards you desire, then ask yourself if you are willing to trust yourself. 

May you be well. May you be well. May you be well.