You found it.





You have been chosen.





I believe you have a story that other people need to hear. 



I AM RESILIENT: Stories of resilience 


Every person has a story. 


Our stories can bury us like rocks, or they can be the hand reaching down to pull us up. 


We can either be the victim or the hero. 


We can stay small and let our stories limit us, or we can be empowered to share them.


You choose.


These posts may be the most sacred and valued gift I am receiving and giving back. Resilience. Not just from myself, but from the people around you. Please read with an open heart, and take note for yourself or others you know.

Okay, take a breath. Here we go.



  1. Give us a little bit of background.
  2. Tell us your story and how your resilience showed
  3. What is the one thing that keeps you resilient
  4. What do you think the world needs to hear right now? 

Email me your answers if you wish to be published on my website and share your story to empower others!


Email: blissandyoga@gmail.com


May you be well. May you be well. May you be well.