Mother Earth Day

Thank you Mother Earth, Pachamama, Divine Mother. 

Photo Credit @Vanessa Prescott

Last night I had a dream amidst a few chaotic dreams. This once left me with insight and ease. In this dream, I was receiving teachings from an Indigenous Elder who was native to the land I reside on here in Victoria, BC. This elder was with his family, directing me to look at a map. The map was our continent, North America. We were looking at the whole piece of land while assessing it for what it was; it’s shapes, and in this finding out what was inside. In the dream it was shaped as a whale. Whales are the guardians of the sea, taking the pressures of the ocean and gracefully coming up for air as they need. The inside was taken up by the shape of bears following one another. Bears are protective and strong. They trust and act on their instincts. They are the animals of the land. The elder’s voice reverberated within me as I drifted from the dream world to our awake-ness with lessons of holistic wellness looking at the big perspective inward. What DO we need? What does the land need? What do the plants, animals, and humans need? Only after we address the holistic needs and large issues can we focus on the small details. 


What do you think is most important in the world right now?


What do we need to do?


May you be well.