Organic Gingermoons

Organic Holiday Gingermoons

Recipe Below

I happened to make these surrounding the new moon and solar eclipse. The darkness before beginning of light. This is an amazing time to tune in and plant seeds for the future. 

This week, we have moved in to another temporary home in a beautiful part of the world that feels... right.

We started our travels last November of 2019, when George took his regular trip to India and Peru and I joined along. We were gone a few months studying Ayurveda, Amazonian Medicine, and Global Health. It was early February and I felt pulled to come back. I rationalized reasons why ( I needed to file taxes was my best excuse) and within 5 days of returning to work in Public Health, the COVID-19 workload increased insidiously. Eventually, March rolled around and COVI-19 became all consuming. It was March 16th, 2019 that George and I made the decision he come stay with me in my little downtown apartment, and I lean in to supporting the island, my community, and my coworkers. 8 months later and we were still there, the pandemic was still happening, and we knew the pandemic marathon was actually an ultra-marathon. So, we contemplated and felt things out and decided on a fertile and abundant part of the world. Things aligned and here we are. 

We continue our travels until a more permanent base allows us to settle in. With high hopes on one healthy spot, we remain open and content knowing that we will have what is meant for us and be where we are meant to be to make the greatest impact in the ways that are needed most. This brings ease and patience.  


As the vaccines roll out, I grow the I AM RESILIENT. movement knowing that the mental health aftershock is still yet to come. I encourage everyone to increase their resilience practices. 


Here, I stand in this kitchen on the new moon. No gingerbread cookie cutter, but the perfect mason jar lid from a jar I have been carrying around the whole pandemic. The one I got from Be Love on my last day of work before travels. It was full of hot lemon tea. The one I put my masala chai in when I returned from India. The one I used for coffee at work during those long early pandemic days. The one that hold my nut and seed butter when we move homes. This jar. This lid. This new moon. No icing necessary. Tune in, plant the seeds. 

Going forward, I recognize the resilience it took to get here. In myself. In everyone. I recognize the resilience it takes to spend Christmas alone. To spend days alone. Creativity is more important now. Practice resilience. Think outside the box. Share your insights with everyone. 


Organic Gingermoons

*Make with organic ingredients when possible

Organic flour (3 1/4 cup)

Sugar (brown for classic results or alternative like pure maple syrup) (1/2 cup)

Grass-fed Butter (at room temperature) (3/4 cup)

Cinnamon (1 tbsp)

Cloves (3/4 tsp)

Nutmeg (optional- 3/4 tsp)

Salt (a pinch)

Ginger (dry 3/4 tsp)

Molasses (1/2 cup)

Baking Soda (3/4 tsp)

Pure Vanilla- 1/2 tsp

Love- A whole bundle


Combine dry, then wet ingredients. Stir with love and intention. Breathe Deeply.

Roll out and use a mason jar lid to make cookie cutouts.

Bake 9 minutes at 350 degrees.


Bless you and remember to celebrate the little things. Regardless of the limitations, there is still joy.