Spring Wellness, COVID Aside.

Although it is just the beginning of spring, I am feeling the excitement stir when I see the cherry blossoms opening up through the streets here in Victoria, BC. I have just returned from a trip to India where I was studying and living with a Yogi and my Ayurvedic Guru. Returning home with new perspectives and outlooks has been both inspirational and uncomfortable. I can feel my old ways dissolve as they become diluted by new practices, routines, and ways of thinking. This movement from old to new can be uncomfortable. Like the caterpillar’s transition to a butterfly, it must push against its warm and familiar cocoon. To emerge, it must be strong and willing to let go of it’s old way of being. It must also be resilient and faithful while moving into the unfamiliar and foreign life of a new being. With careful perseverance, it pushes through and takes flight with beauty and grace. Similarly, the transition from Winter to Spring can be challenging. While looking forward to the brighter days and warmer temperatures, we must practice building our strength for the longer days to come. We can benefit from abolishing the old and creating space for newness. We can assist this exciting transition with intentional practices to promote wellness and help us to be more resilient to the challenges we face this time of year. If you are interested in learning some new practices for this season, send me a message!