Supporting Your Health in Spring for Spaciousness in Summer

Spring is an optimal time to support your health and pay greater awareness to the way you are living to set a blueprint for your health in the seasons to come. 

Support the Body

Ayurveda prescribes certain practices for spring as the tendency toward imbalance can arise if we are not in tune with our body and the changing season. This time of year, we can focus on the removal of excess kapha that has accumulated in the preceding seasons. Kapha can get liquified by the sun as the weather warms and it disturbs the digestive fire and metabolism. Naturally, the agni (or digestive fire) lessens in strength as the weather gets warmer. Ways to decrease accumulation of excess kapha dosha include:

-Ensuring proper digestion of food

-Sexual intercourse in moderate amount

-Avoid heavy, unctuous, sour, and sweet diets

-Avoid sleep during the daytime

-Adopt a habit of exercise

-Maintain cleanliness by washing with lukewarm water (not overly hot or cold)

-Eat barley and wheat

-“Enjoy blossoms of the woman and garden” Caraka Samhita

-Incorporate warming spices in to foods such as Kitchari

Support the Mind

Gratitude Journaling. It is easy to get overwhelmed this time of year as the days get longer and schedules tend to become busier. Gratitude journaling promotes presence and contentment. It helps us to foster resilience and overall wellness. There are many incredible journals for purchase or you can simply use a piece of paper. I prefer not to use an app or computer because I find it beneficial to create a ritual around journaling while eliminating distractions. I set my devices aside and turn them off before journalling. 

Join the I AM RESILIENT. Gratitude Group on facebook or start a journal. (

Gratitude journals are available for purchase in the online shop. 


Support the Soul

Turning inward in order to find what fills your soul is essential during this transition between Winter and Summer. Spring is a beautiful opportunity to prepare for the longer and fuller days ahead. If we release what we don’t want to carry forward from Winter, get really clear in what we do want to move forward with, and allow ourselves to unfurl effortlessly into longer days with new levels of expansion and spaciousness, we can support our soul’s work. Flow.

Here is how:

  1. Slow down during mundane activities and tune in to how they make you feel
  2. Skip one thing you are forcing yourself to do, and replace it with something you want to do
  3. Practice meditation and yoga
  4. Set boundaries 
  5. Notice the things that make you contract, close your eyes and ask yourself why. Choose the most supportive action from here.
  6. Schedule white space in your calendar. 

May you be well. May you be well. May you be well.