Understanding Rhythms


Our bodies are guided by rhythms. Before our birth, our first audible heartbeats in utero are celebrated and our periods of kicking and ret are noted by the mother who carries us. When we emerge into this world, the rhythms change and continue. We eat and digest based on the size of our tummies and level of activity, both internal and external. As we flow through adulthood, these rhythms do not leave, but they do continue to change. Some of us may change them intentionally or suppress them out of necessity. 

Coming back to our rhythms with curiosity and compassion can bring all kinds of understanding to ourselves. 

Living on the West Coast, I am reminded of the importance of this every day. With less sunlight throughout the day, I find myself needing more rest and less activity. I always feel some resistance toward this because I love the outdoor physical opportunities that are brought by Spring and Summer. Despite having plans to continue evening running and activities, the circadian rhythm is a strong one. When it gets dark, the eyes send a signal to the hypothalamus telling us it is time to feel sleepy. The brain then releases melatonin, which makes us physically and mentally tired. 

Another important rhythm to tune in to is the Menstrual Cycle if you have one. During menses, the body sheds the lining of the uterus after no fertilization has occurred. In addition to physiologically losing, our bodies are accepting that no pregnancy has occurred. I always feel the need to rest a little more during this time. My partner acknowledges the likely subconscious grief that may be experienced when the body naturally wants to procreate, but isn’t given the opportunity resulting in loss. A new and interesting perspective.

In addition, we can tune in to the rhythms of the lunar cycle. With this, we can begin to understand how the moon affects us. Right now, we are currently in the waning crescent phase of the moon approaching the new moon on October 27th. During the waning phase, it is said to be a time for turning inward and discerning our time as we may feel limited energy. 

Other rhythms worth reflecting on are that of the metabolism, daily/ weekly energy, seasons, and even rhythms of the life cycle. 

It can be magical to assess the rhythms of nature and compare the ways we relate and differ. 

Living in beautiful Victoria, BC, I am spending time tuning in to the cycles of the trees outside my window. They have turned from green to fire red, which turns my apartment red as the sun shines through the leaves. 

Take what you need this weekend and be well!